Joan Baez

Just watched this amazing docmentary on Joan Baez - check it out

Features rare performance footage and candid interviews with David Crosby, Bob Dylan, ex-husband David Harris, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Roger McGuinn, and more
Joan Baez made her debut appearance at the Newport Folk Festival in 1959. Fifty years later she returned to that same Rhode Island stage on August 2, marking her and the festival’s 50th anniversaries. She is presently on a worldwide tour in celebration of her 50 years as a performer and in support of her Grammy-nominated CD, Day After Tomorrow.


  1. I recall Samperi making the comment (in a 70s letter to Corman)that folk singers are closer to real things than the establishmentarian types (even poets). Maybe he had her in mind.

    She certainly is a cultural jewel.


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