Introduction to Frank Samperi the poet


Dear Cid,
Why don't you come
over this Saturday for cake
& coffee (about 8 )- come
see our baby Claudia! -
We're so happy - and yet
being here I feel the stress of
another wrong place: I want
to tell of an emotion that
doesn't exclude another &
another, and yet in went
the words fall back unuttered.
You know what I mean -
the old cry: "...pace, pace, pace."
All our love, Frank

I am 5 days old here where I was born in Japan.

Courtesy, The Lilly Library, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.


  1. I first discovered the work of Frank Samperi in the Riverside Public Library. I was 19. Had to be 1984. Those beautiful original editions of Prefiguration, Quadrifariam, and Lumen Gloriae blew my mind. But who was Frank Samperi? He wasn’t in any of the anthologies I was then devouring. No biography to speak of. Those 3 books pulled me through some rough times. How wonderful that his daughter created this website. Samperi deserves to be honored and read.
    - Robert Casella

  2. Hi Robert,
    Thank you for your comment on Frank Samperi.
    If you are around stop by for the reading in March at Beyond Baroque.
    Are you a poet yourself?
    Claudia Samperi


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