Bhagavad-Gita As It Is -1968, 1972

Plate 39: The Supersoul is the original source of all senses.
He is unattached, although he is the maintainer of all living beings.
He transcends the modes of nature, and at the same time he is master of all modes of material nature.

The Supreme Lord, although the source of all the sense of the living entities, does not have material senses like they have. Actually, the individual souls have spiritual senses, but in conditioned life they are covered by the material elements, and therefore the sense activities are exhibited though matter. The Supreme Lord's senses are not covered. His senses are transcendental and are therefore called nirguna. Guna means the materials modes, but His senses have no material covering. It should be understood that His sensual activities, He has transcendental senses, which are not contaminated by matter.

"......It is a deeply felt, powerfully conceived and a beautifully explained work.....I have never seen any other work on the Gita with such an important voice and style. It is a work of undoubted integrity. I have strongly recommended this book to all students interested in Sanskrit and Indian culture. It will occupy a significant place in the intellectual and ethical life of modern man for a long time to come."

Dr. Shaligram Shukla
Professor of Sanskrit
Georgetown University

Being a religious person, my father studied many books on the subject. As a child he never forced the Catholic religion on us but made a point that we hold our love for God inside ourselves.
The mystery remains inside and my father's poetry remains a mystery as well.

A poem from Sappunta - 2004

Dante stands upon
the last line of the Paradise
because the last line
is unitiva et concretiva.
-This proves that for
Dei notitia the way of
love in the Comedia e
Via Negativa.


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