Correspondence from Richard Aaron, June 30, 2004

Dear Claudia,
I live up near Eureka in Northern California. I forgot to say what an extraordinary experience it has been to handle the letters of Frank Samperi. Each time I have reason to open the box where I have placed the letters it is as though beams of light surround my body...he must have been an extraordinary man. I know of his difficulties but he was touched by the essential. I hope to enter his poetic work once I have completed the description of the rest of the letters that I have to describe by the hundreds of others who wrote Cid Corman. I will be very eager to read the letters from Corman to your father.
Good to be in touch and I wish you well.
All the best, Richard.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. not sure what comment I removed..
    I wld also like to read those letters

    correspondences between poets are NOT the poems

    the exchanges add a depth of being/character that
    extend the possibilities

  3. Yes Ed,
    It does - the letters between poets are so much more!


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