Earth & Sky, Robert Lax, 2000

earth & sky

the                                the
earth                             stars

the                                the
earth                             stars

the                                the
sky                                trees

the                                the
sky                                         trees

the                                the
earth                             earth

the                                the
earth                             earth

the                                the
sky                                sky


the                                the
growl                             sing
ing                                 ing
wind                              air

the                                the
wav                               sing
ing                                 ing
tree                               air

the                                 the
growl                             earth
the                                tree
ing                                 the
tree                               sky

earth & sky and white light
The book is the result of a journey to Patmos and the kind response of the poet who lives there. Printed and designed by William Cirocco. Pen & Ink drawings by the Robert Lax.


  1. now, I am confused..

    is Wm Cirrocco publishing Robert Lax? and David Miller (Spiritual
    who is writing what when & to whom? in other words : "who's on first?"


    I am knee deep into one of Robert Lax's closest friends ... Ad Reinhardt (check out in ART IS ART the 1963 note p. 120:
    "[The Context of Art]" (I add "poetry" to his "art" and "poet" to his "artist")
    Lax' other Big Buddy ... Ths Merton .... no "slouch" either...

    I am discovering...

    had I known of and that Robert Lax was over on Patmos while I was in Lindos ( ca 1968-9-70) a short boat-ride away i would have/might have [...]

    but that is from my position in place/time now... & looking back...
    which I seldom do &with noh regrets, demands, wants, or ....
    pray-tell who is publishing or re:publishing this "stuff"

    &, I am telling you"

    letter-writing/emailing much better way to accommodate "a deux" exchanges

    well, enough about Robert Lax (et al)
    let s talk about me

  2. Hi Ed,
    Bill Cirocco has a press called Hawkhaven Press in SF and yes he has published Robert Lax, David Miller and my father.
    These books of poetry are from Lax and Miller. They are not writing to my father.
    I am posting other works of poetry to give the blog more depth and plus these are books that are part of my father's library.
    I hope that clears things up a bit.
    Raining here today in CA. CW

  3. sure helps. thanks... I'd be lost without .....facts-as-they-are

    can you please clear up one other thing onect-n-four-all? what the heck
    Langpo is?


    now I have a name (Hawkhaven Press) so I'll be able google it and get my information where everybody else gets theirs... off the Net

    thus feeling like an Avant Insider Post-Toastie poet....again!

  4. Ed,
    Sorry, Langpo? not sure what you are referring to...did I mention that? Yes the Net a great void of information...

  5. Cid wayyyyyyyyyy back in 1974 called them the Lang Gang

    Langpo as far as I can throw it /em stands for
    Language Poetry

    I've nothing against any of them however their poetry at best ... forgettable

    the make up mostly that large gaggle of "poets" that I call
    other-wise known as Careerists

    they consider Larry E a Langpo
    probably your dad too.

    oh well let us move on before we sink into mere
    opinion & politics
    which are both b=o=l=o=g=n=a

    (the Lang-pos frequently use the "=" sign and other tricky-meanigless signifiers
    for what-I-don't-noh

  6. Wow! makes sense, great insight to the world of poetry.
    Thanks Ed.


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