For an end, a constant ending: images from a life counterpoised with imageless reflections. Smoke rises, spreads over roofs. In the room a sparrow huddles against the wall, near books and china. We discuss the transcendent and the satirical, and find ourselves wondering: a novel? The streets of paper blacken. Burning animals amongst burning trees haunted the child. You cannot get from A to B by walking a line from one to other. The girl's eyes habituated to begging touch your lips, burning them. Memory's blasted. He'll keep a record of the epiphany in his breast pocket, if not sewn into the lining of his coat.


-You can't call any writing that's not concerned with drug-taking contemporary, someone said. -The analogy being a mirror...?-Are you who I think you are? he asked, and mentioned my name. -No, I replied, I'm somebody else. The long process of revision appealed to me with its possibilities of erasure and reversal. A layering of memories and images. A hand touching, a finger travelling along the line of affection. Late; voices loud, in the heat. No form of rhetoric could be adequate to what needs to be said, one to another. Drawn from her face, as we talked: an edge splendent in the obscurity. Unbearable to recall.

By David Miller, published by William Cirocco, Hawhhaven Press, San Francisco, CA.


  1. that's "it"! exactly AND precisely.

    did Miller write this pointing towards your dad's work? Or did your dad write this to Miller?


    is this what of that you mentioned to me a few years ago as something coming via or through this Bill Cirocco?

    Did that ever get produced? THIS MUST BEE WHAT YOU MENTIONED

    is it yet around? I'll amazon it! This dates this 1999 so you must 'uve been talking of something else. as I was barely "dropped back in" in 1999 and Knee deep doing Neighbors and Stone Girl and et ceteras.

  2. WOW ! a couple of copies of this book are "out there" for $50 each
    plus shipping

    but, beyond that a very pleasant discovery for me this David Miller


    and it appears as if he now lives-and-breathes in London & or Nottingham!

    great connection to Lax, too

    and dig this:
    the publisher (Leafe Press) of Stone Girl is in Nottingham

    all of these "connects" that I had no clue of well
    now playing around in my Walking Mind

    thanks for the link to;

  3. Hi Ed,
    Yes, Bill Cirocco lives in SF and has done two books of my father's, David Miller and Robert Lax. His books are so beautifully done. I am glad you found this post interesting and informative.

  4. Good to see David's work here--we go back a long ways. A fine poet and very special friend.

  5. If you have his email, drop him a line and let him know about the blog. Have not heard from him in awhile.
    Best, CW


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