Correspondence about Day, 1997

A letter to Sean Carey, from Dublin, Ireland, about publishing "Day", David Miller and John Martone.

December 1, 1997

Dear Sean,

Your letter was received with warmth and sincerity. It came at a good time, my mom and brother, David were visiting for Thanksgiving.
As a family, we are always surprised when God sends us a sign that there are people out there that care about my father's work. John Martone was one who cared, we met last year and out of that he has done some small works, such as MANIFESTATIO. Yes, he is the most caring man I've met with such a passion for my father's work since David Miller.
I don't know if Cid mentioned that I'm a painter, I have a studio in SM and have been painting since I was quite young. Growing up in NYC allowed the exposure of all the Arts, Dance, Art and Literature. At an early age I was listening to opera, I don't recall having many friends or friends that listened to much opera if any. Our days were conversational at the dinner table and holidays were kept with an Italian tradition. I loved being a young human being under my father and mother's care. My father was the most wonderful person I've ever met and the loss is very deep, I have a hard time believing he is gone from this material earth. But in spirit he is always with me. My last words to my father were that I would take care of the WORK. I want nothing more than to get all his work published.
Some how the cards have turned, I'm actually in the process of having a small work of 50 poems called "Day" written in 1970 published by my employer. I work for a publishing co. that puts out a computer graphics Industry magazine. He has agreed to do 400 copies depending on the cost. Interweaved in the poetry I will insert 8 4c works of my own paintings. I'm not sure how to go about distributing the book at this point but I will send out copies to a select group of people. I 've also written David Miller on this matter.
Your request to take on the editing is very heroic, however, the Samperi family needs time to consider this request. I'm sure you understand that I am not able to send you copies, the archive must stay intact. I've learned to take one step at a time.
Please write again and tell me what presses you have locked in and then maybe we can start from that point. As far as copies go, well there are not many left so you will have to go looking, we are down to very few. Of course I will send you a copy of Day when it comes out, in January is the expected date. Again thank you so much for the letter I was touched and lets stay in communication.

Have a wonderful Christmas

July 20th, 1998
Dear Claudia,
DAY a real joy to behold on my return from a holiday. I offer you my sincere congratulations. The very high quality of your own art & the same vision present in your father's poetry. A lovely blend. I salute you for what you have achieved. Pointing the way that I think you should take with your father's poetry. Giving you total control of how his work should be published. By you. I really hope DAY is the start of the process Claudia. I hope the book will get a good reception in America.


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